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Voice Search has a momentum and helps User searching things faster and more convenient. It is not replacing traditional search but ads a new view on how we interact with not human intelligence. Not only weather, shopping lists, informational queries will soon see an increase in voice searches, also E-Commerce is getting ready for voice triggered shopping experiences. Lets not wait until the day when Assistants start proactively the conversion, but build an action or skill for it!

Content Marketing – With my experience of over 6.5 years in leading one of the biggest international content marketing teams, we can develop a surprising, entertaining and helping content strategy for your digital products. Guiding you through automation techniques and fitting existing project management methods to your company need. Choosing the right tooling, develop topic cluster with strategical evaluation models and full support for your SEO strategy.

Product Marketing as the intermediary function between product development and brand marketing supports you on your way to user centricity. With new cross-functional teams and agile methods it is easier to match product features with market needs and shorten the process to market time while gaining attention.

SEO audit – Todays SEO is founded on three pillars: Technical SEO, Buzz strategies, Content. After ramping up an international E-Commerce company to a 9-digit visits figure I can support you in all increasing your competence in all 3 pillars. (AMPWA, PageSpeed, hreflang, canonical, informational architecture, high scaled GWT conform buzz concepts, keyword-cluster and content strategies, automation in SEO, etc.)

Digital Transformation is not a buzzword, it is a major function and process for companies how are entering the digital (business) ära. I am not a big fan of the “big change management” approach – Better results usually come from small, constant optimization steps inside a department or process.

Thoughtful Leadership: Listen, help and teach. Be more mentor than supervisor – Foster absolute expertise first. Hiring means building strong teams with a unique culture, different skills, diverse backgrounds – But you give them a purpose and a place where they love to spend most of their time from Monday to Friday. Digital work changes rapidly, agile, flat hierarchies, many different locations are just the beginning of the very new digital work in the future.


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