Searchlove London 2014 hints – the ultimate recap

Just some words from my side before we start with this great Searchlove 2014 recap from Samantha: AGAIN I heard great feedback, see cool recaps and get interesting secrets about this conference – So congrats to distillled and Co, you made it again!

The eagerly awaited Searchlove 2014 Conference in London did not disappoint!  Providing an array of enthusiastic  presenters, divers topics and forward thinking discussion Searchlove proved to be a highlight on this year’s conference calendar.  Some presentations that really grabbed the audience’s attention included Oli Gardner’s talk “ The Landing Page Manifesto”, Wil Reynolds’ “Marketing in Your Sleep: How to build Links, Engagement, Mentions and Shares with Big Content” and Will Critchlow’s “The Threat of Mobile”.


Oli Gardner emphasised removing the distractions from your landing pages and instead optimizing your pages for conversions, stating that the mantra of landing pages should be “Clarity beats Cleaver every time” ! A test he provided to deduce clarity of a specific page is to read the page out loud without imagery or graphics to assist you in the understanding of the content. With just the written content the page should answer these questions: What is this page about? What do you expect to happen if you click on the CTAs ? Is the page trustworthy?

Wil Reynolds  also gave an impassioned talk. In his presentation, “Marketing in Your Sleep: How to build Links, Engagement, Mentions and Shares with Big Content”, Wil recounted the now too common problem of marketers being driven by their content calendars and thereby ending up producing content that no one even wants. Ask yourself this question: If your content was removed from the web would anyone miss it? Wil  advised to start thinking of big content as a barrier to entry for your competition and to begin by using the big often overlooked resource- you’re audience- to find out what content is actually appealing to them.

A common plea heard throughout the conference was “ Think Mobile First”! This message was strongly reinforced by conference founder and host Will Critchlow. Mobile is growing at an unparalleled speed. Email Marketing is now in effect Mobile Marketing! Content Marketing is Mobile Marketing! This means we have to start changing our thought process concerning Mobile. As Will put it “ Don’t build things differently, build different things!” Think mobile first.


These were just a few of the impressive and passionate speakers present at Searchlove this year. Other great talks included Annie Cushing’s counselling on how to make smarter use of Google Analytics, Molly Flatt’s  advice on creating content that actually make us “content” and of course Rand Fishkin’s speech on tactics and practices that should either be loved in 2015 or left behind in the not so distant past. All in all Searchlove succeeded where many conferences fail, by providing eloquent and knowledgeable presenters who offered useful and relevant advice that can be directly applied to your everyday work.


Many thanks for aggregating all the slides, talks and content in this overview goes to… Sam. Great, as always.

Posted on November 7, 2014 in International SEO, SEO

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